From the moment he could crawl, Jeffery Beightel was making his way underneath cars and trucks—the first of many being his dad’s semi whenever it came time to help him work on it. It wasn’t long before cars of the …

2014-09-10 17:51

Check out some of our action.

2014-03-10 15:52

Berg Performance is Colorado’s premiere VW/Audi/Porsche tuning shop. From factory/OEM repairs and maintenance to full custom performance tuning, the friendly and knowledgable certified technicians will get it done properly every time. Feel free to contact us or stop by to …

2012-11-29 17:44

Keela Chappell
Audi 4000 quattro
When making an appointment with Berg Performance, no matter the service, from oil changes to modifications it is a compete pleasure due to Aaron Marshall’s complete care and time that he puts into every vehicle that enters …

2012-04-06 19:35

Aaron Marshall founded Berg Performance in 2011 after almost a decade involved in building, maintaining and customizing cars professionally. A car enthusiast long before he was even licensed to drive, Aaron’s expertise and affinity for Audi was built as he …

2012-03-07 17:40

Named for the German word for mountain, Berg Performance was established in 2011 as an Audi/Volkswagen/Porsche specialty shop that’s all about the people we’re lucky enough to call our customers. Owner Aaron Marshall delivers next level service by taking personal …

2012-03-07 17:38

Berg Performance has been asked to tune a BMW for the Word Challenge Series. It may not have 4 rings on it, but it’s German and that’s all that matters.

2012-03-07 17:37

Geoffrey Thomas
2007 Audi RS4
Aaron Marshall is a “Jedi” when it comes to Audi tuning (or any tuning I’m sure, I only have experience with my Audi). He is the only one I trust to work on my RS4. I feel …

2012-03-07 17:29

As a counter-imperative to the declining health of our next generation, HSI is involved in efforts directly improving the well-being of kids. Use of pharmaceuticals, unhealthy lifestyles, combined with a blend of other issues – has resulted in a statistic …

2012-03-06 18:09

The talented Mr. Scott Newell with Violet Mae Studios making the RS4 look even better through his lens.

2012-03-04 17:35

Mike Anderson
I’ve always been blown away by the level of personal care Aaron puts into every project. It’s rare these days to find that level of commitment for something that doesn’t personally belong to you. There are 3 people that …

2012-03-03 04:15